Wednesday, October 26, 2011
What is a dream?
A succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep
Or the expectation towards achievement or ownership.

I was told dreams are seen with closed eyes.


I live a dream.
I live Dubai.

Sunday, October 16, 2011
          Desert Safari
When I travel, the first thing I demand to see is the genuine, authentic culture of that place.
Every place has its own unique flavor and at times the super imposition of the other is not fascinating.
I am writing all this as I have been on an authentic Arabic Desert Safari yesterday (in Dubai) and trust on, it was amazing!
The journey started with a drive from my hotel to the desert. We halted at a camp that was filled with lovely animals; cats, baby donkeys, monkeys, baby peacocks, camels, falcons and various Arabic birds. Sipping a hot cup of tea, I caressed the gorgeous leopard kitty.  The animals and birds were extremely friendly and loving.

Now it was time to fasten my seat belt as the desert adventure awaited me.  The most fascinating, adventurous, enthralling, mesmerizing ride that I had of the desert. The wheels were cutting through the sands to make their way to the destination. Exciting!!!

We reached the camp, where we received a warm traditional welcome. Traditional Arabic coffee and dates, but I rushed my way straight to enjoy the authentic Sheesha. My friends ran towards the ATV. All the ladies in the camp were super excited about the Henna painting and got some beautifully painted bling hands, but I concentrated over my delicious, aromatic starters. ;)
There was an announcement and a traditionally dressed Egyptian dancer appeared on the stage. My eyes got fixated on him as his dance was very elegant and he kept rolling in circles almost for 20 mins. Then came in the most awaited event of the evening, the voluptuous belly dancer! Sensually dressed, she was breath- taking! Wolf Whistles!!!
The buffet was announced and an international cruisine was on display. My personal favourite was Arabic food with barbequed meat. Mouth- watering!
As we all enjoyed the dinner, we were taken by surprise, when another elegant lady twisted her body gracefully with Arabic belly dance. She was the show stopper and engaged the audience along with her. The show just went on and on and on.... It was a perfect desert experience.
The Sands, Arabic food, gorgeous Belly Dancers, traditional music and the ambiance, everything was charismatic.
Now, it was time to return back but nonetheless, with timeless memories!!!
Saturday, October 8, 2011

Did you guys watch the animated series ‘Arabian Nights’?
As a child, I did!
Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, the Ginne, magic lamp, Raja, Abu, all personified from the sands of Dubai.


Not just words for the ‘sandland’. But truths.
There is some ambiguity, vagueness about this place that keeps me wondering and glued to Dubai.
Discover Dubai with Desert Safari, Dhow Cruising, Arabic coffee, traditional Sheesha, City touring and so much more!
 Unwind the mysterious!!!
Sunday, October 2, 2011

Recluse for everyone.
I walk through the silent waters of the Mussandham beach with glittery orange lights in the evening. The serenity of the moist breeze tickling my face, watching the dream city quietly submerge in violet- is this true?
Today I kind of feel at oneness with myself.
The rapid, the fast- paced, the contemporary, all seem to have halted for me at this moment of time.
Encased in a time capsule, I feel the solace and the city noise turns into music, rhythm.
I wish I was a poet or a painter to encapsulate all the colors of the beach in my words or my canvas.
Nevertheless, my canon camera serves my purpose. J

Saturday, September 24, 2011
I am not a blogger, writer or a wanderer. Not a navigator or a philosopher.

My eyes simply paint the images I see. I do not use words but process the world visually.

Comprehending the experiences of the splendid lights, the sea breeze, the warm moist air, arabic music, aromatic sea food, delicious salads, the reds, the blues and the spell is practically impossible.

The wooden deck and the fragrance of henna painted on beautiful, fragile hands create the perfect Arabian night experience.
I felt I was the 'Jasmine' and the 'Ginne' was taking me away from this world of materials to the world of dreams. With many but felt unique.

A 'must do' when you visit Dubai.